Arwood copyrights new metal alloy

Arwood's new alloy - Elantrium  -

Max Arwood has been doing jewelry manufacturing for over 40 years.  Since the huge increase in the price of gold,  Max has been experimenting with new metal alloys.  The newest one is called Elantrium (C)2012 Max Arwood.

This alloy is a platinum family alloy.  It is a combination of Silver, Palladium, Iridium and Germanium.  This alloy has several proprietary trace elements (the secret part) making this a white metal of choice for anyone looking for a great precious metal ring with low cost.  For more info drop by Arwood's Jewelry and see what this is all about!  Max will answer any of your question you would have about this metal, and what type jewelry can be made from this exciting new alloy.