Arwood's attend elite jewelers symposium.

Recent Arwood's Jewelry News

Arwood's go to Stuller's Jewelers Symposium.

Sherrie and Max Arwood went to Lafayette Louisiana this year to a special jewelry symposium called bridge that was only offered to a small select group of jewelers.

Arwood's to feature two new metals this year!

Max at Arwood's has been an innovator for many years.  The last few years he has been researching new metals that would be an alternative to gold.  With gold prices going over $1350.00 this year, jewelry prices are at an all  time high.  This year we will be making jewelry with 2 new metals.  The first is a new version of Argentium silver.  This is a nearly tarnish free silver alloy.  The second metal we will offer this year is a palladium silver alloy.  This alloy is very near to 10K for tarnish resistance and close to 14K gold for the wear ability.  Arwood's will stay on the cutting edge of the jewelry industry!